Web3 Social Ecosystem Round Brief


Mask Network is excited to host the first-ever Web3 Social Network ecosystem matching round with Gitcoin to help web3 social-related projects flourish using Quadratic Funding.

Why you should participate

The Web3 Social Ecosystem Round will run as part of Gitcoin Grants Round 14. This round will be held on gitcoin.co/grants and is open to all grantees who fit the eligibility guidelines below. Mask believes this is a fantastic way to let our community decide which projects deserve funding. The matching pool will be $50k in total, out of which $40k will be provided by Mask Network. Only donations during this round will be counted towards the QF distribution of the matching funds (GR14 will run from June 8–23, 2022). We are excited to see the projects and support from the community!

About Mask Network and Web3 Social Ecosystem

Mask is building a complete Web3 social network ecosystem that can be compatible with all social apps and protocols. Our vision is to protect everyone’s self-sovereign identity and freedom of self-interpretation.

The Mask Network Social Ecosystem Map

  • Lens Protocol aggregates on-chain identities and behavioral data, and can be an identity input source to Next.ID.
  • RSS3 is a protocol that aggregates and distributes content based on the identity and behavioral data from Lens and Next.ID.
  • All social apps need a social graph to better understand the relationship between users
  • Most social apps need a feed to help with information distribution
  • Most social apps need a messaging protocol to facilitate communication

The Key to ecosystem development

The Mask Network ecosystem construction has gradually transitioned from being officially developed by the team to a larger proportion of new applications and new expansions that are developed and accessed by community and partner developers.

Grant Ideas and Inspiration

The main criteria for this round are that you’re actively doing work that accelerates Web3 social space and the overall decentralized world. This can be anything, but we are especially interested in Web3 infrastructure layers, info distribution protocols, data storage, Web3 social dApps, and games:

List of early-stage projects we plan to approach and list in this round (tentative and incomplete)

  • Social intelligence: Inspect, TwitterScan, DeFiEye, Blocktracker Metasearch
  • Instant Messaging: Swapchat, Metalink, Atem Network, Boo Universe, Ingroup, beoble, Dm.chat, BChat
  • Social Network & blog & forum: Lenster, Link3, Fuse, Metaforo, Light.so, hide.ac
  • Social Tools: Genki, Quest 3, Aki, Dataverse, PIP, Interface.social, Valt
  • ID & Social Graph: 0xScope, KNN3, zCloak
  • Domain: Nametag, DAS
  • Social apps: Sonorous, Kola, Readem, Readon, Attrace, Ideamarket
  • Social Games: Phi, May, Hashworld



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