Instructions for Web3 Social Ecosystem Round Applicants


  1. Head over to Gitcoin and create a Grant.
  2. In the Tags section, must select Web3 Social, you could add others that fit
  3. Fill out the rest
  4. Submit by June 8th (could go as late as June 15th but you lose early donors)
  5. Contact us
  6. Market it hard to your community, the more donors you get, the more grant you get

Step-by-Step Guide

Read our Web3 Social Ecosystem round brief here and check eligibility to see if you are interested.

  • Select tags:

Select the tags that best align with your project (make sure to select the Web3 Social tag to be considered for this Ecosystem Round. Grants can have multiple tags, so please select all that apply and provide reasoning. Grants need to be approved (to be on the Gitcoin platform) and your tag of Web3 Social may be removed if you do not meet the criteria above.

Selecting eligibility tags enters your grant for consideration for that specific matching round.

Your grant is then subject to review by the matching round owner and may be removed from that round at any time for any reason.

Discoverability tags are used for finding similar grants in the Grant Explorer. To learn more about grants, click here.

  • Reasoning: For each eligibility tag you selected above, please provide a reason why your grant will benefit the respective ecosystem.

*If you already have a Gitcoin Grant, please fill out this round eligibility form and share the relevant tag(s) to be added to your existing Grant. We will verify your eligibility, and if approved your grant will be included in the round.*

Make sure to include a title, description, project logo, GitHub URL, Project Website, and Project Twitter Handle*.

*Gitcoin will occasionally need to reach out to you on Twitter for grant verification, so please make sure to use an active handle to which you have access.

Make sure to add your Twitter handle, team members, and blockchain of preference for fund deposit.

The last step is to review the information you’ve filled in, then confirm if all is correct.


Reach out to or in the Gitcoin Discord if you have any questions.

Join the WeChat group/Telegram/Discord group for Q&A from the Mask Network team.

Getting Started

Mask Network holds sole discretion on which grants are eligible for matching. Disputes will be handled by the GitcoinDAO Public Goods Funding Workstream consulting with round representatives from Mask Network.

Here are key factors for determining whether your project is eligible to be a grant included in the Web3 Social Ecosystem Round:

  • The Grant must be in support of, or directly advancing the Web3 Social Network (doesn’t necessarily have to be utilizing Mask Network SDK or Next.ID SDK)
  • The Grant may not have any form of quid pro quo that has financial value (a scenario in which a user gets some additional unique benefit/award in return for their donation).
  • The Grant owner must be directly affiliated with the project, the funds must go to the project, and be used for the purposes stated in Grant’s details.
  • The Grant should be focused on accomplishing the following aims:
  1. Usability — improving the Mask network’s user experience
  2. Community — growing the Mask web3 social ecosystem from protocols, applications to middlewares.
  3. Creativity — build on top of Next.ID protocols for application layer innovations
  4. Decentralization — building tools and dApps to enhance data ownership and decentralized info distribution, etc.
  5. Protocol Politicians — campaigns for governance champions and delegates
  6. What else? — get creative and bold!
  • The project should not have its own token or have raised VC funding (let’s keep the funds for the aspiring projects!).
  • The Grant should be open-source.


Grants submitted after the first week of the round will not be accepted or qualify for matching. Please try to submit your project’s application before the round begins (June 8th), to ensure your grant is approved and put into active status for the entire round. There is typically a 2 to 3day review period after being submitted before grants are published.

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