Mask Network Newsletter (June 2021)

Mask Network
4 min readJul 2, 2021

🔧 Engineering Update

🌍 Mask for Extension

v 1.33.0

BSC and Polygon integration

v 1.33.1

Red Packet history BSC and Polygon;

Big Fixes:

Hide swap tab if the no-ethereum network was selected Hide swap item if the no-ethereum network was selected.

v 1.33.2

Reset gas price
ITO BSC Polygon history
Update Polygon Explorer URL

🌳 Ecosystem Building

- Multi-Chain

Mask Network is Now Live on Polygon and BSC, Officially Enters the Multi-Chain Metaverse

Mask Network is now live on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), officially declare the beginning of the Web 3.0 multi-chain era.

$MASK, the native token of Mask Network, is now available on BSC Network. The token contract is:

The Red Packet plugin in the Mask extension now supports the BSC network and Polygon, so users could create, send, and receive encrypted Red Packets with any assets on BSC and Polygon directly on Twitter, using the two networks. In the future, Mask Network will continue developing its core functions on the two networks, such as ITO and Swaps.


🖼 Mask Network × DoinGud: The Next-Gen NFT Experience on Twitter

Mask Network will partner with DoinGud, the NFT marketplace for social impact, to allow seamless access to traditional Web 2.0 social platforms. It will allow creators to display their work while users could access their homepage and trade the work via Twitter at the same time.

Mask Network and DoinGud both believe that technology is supposed to play the role of empowering people and serving people. Any online community is constituted by people and should be people-centric, autonomous, self-governing, and self-sustaining.

-Community & Developer

🎉 Mask Network x Gitcoin: Gitcoin Grants Round 10

Mask Network has been an active funder since Gitcoin Grants Round 6 and has published 29 bounties on Gitcoin. Meanwhile, Mask Network keeps on supporting the Gitcoin Grants Round 10, encouraging more developers into the ecosystem building of future blockchain and the development of the open-source projects.

Mask Network reached a technical partnership with Gitcoin years ago. Mask Network can automatically recognize Gitcoin donation links, so users could donate with a few clicks after the installation of the extension.

Click here to see the bounties we posted.


In order to avoid such loss and at the same time create more value and use cases of the $MASK token, we are proposing a $MASK deposit requirement for Permissionless ITO launching. The deposit will set a threshold to Permissionless ITO, and be the precautionary act if the launched ITO is found to be scammy later. More details will be further discussed at the Mask Forum.

We propose that each round of the ITO Review Committee will be composed of three parts: users by application, active Mask community members, and personnel from relevant organizations with professional backgrounds. There will be 11 members per round, and each term is extended from 15 days to 30 days.

💬 The Mask Forum is now Online!

Mask Forum, the new discussion platform for the Mask Network community, is now online. Mask Forum will be a key opinion-exchange platform for Mask Network users and will play a key role in the governance and operation of the MaskDAO.