Introducing Transak — — The Fiat On-Ramp Aggregator on Mask Network

Mask Network is cooperating with Transak , the fiat onramp aggregator endorsed by ConsenSys. With the introduction of Transak, users can purchase cryptocurrencies directly on major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, thus directly entering the open finance ecosystem enabled by cryptocurrency. This is to facilitate the general public’s understanding and usage of crypto, thereby allowing more users to enter the space.

The updated version of Mask Network with Transak has gone through extensive testing since early December. (Details: Fiat on-ramp & DEXs: Announcement of the New Version of Mask Network)

With the introduction of Transak, users can search, view details and purchase crypto without leaving Twitter.

Transak is a fiat onramp aggregator incubated by ConsenSys. Transak aggregates fiat onramp channels in more than 50 countries and supports multiple ways of payment including credit card, debit card and wire transfer. Transak is a partner with multiple world-renowned crypto projects including AAVE, Chainlink, Zilliqa, CryptoCompare and MetaMask.

The introduction of Transak further completes Mask Network’s role as the bridge to Web3.0, which includes the open finance ecosystem. The One-click buy crypto function could further interact with other functions of the Mask Network, thus making the user experience more complete. We hope that by leveraging the existing user base of Facebook and Twitter, we could introduce more users into the web3 space, grow the market size and further the open finance mission.

Tip: Please see reference for the maximum allowance per purchase of your bank or card issuer in your country.



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