Fiat on ramp & DEXs: Announcement of the New Version of Mask Network

It’s been almost 3 months since Mask Network announced the launch of the Trading & Uniswap function on Twitter. First, we want to say thank you to the users for your support and feedback. After synthesizing the opinions we also want to make the user experience a breeze as well as making sure the users get the best value. Now, we are glad to announce that Mask Network updates the Trading widget and adds the fiat on-ramp!

On Sep 24, Mask Network launched a new feature which supported viewing crypto price charts and direct trading on Twitter. The launch of this trading widget was a blast. The data source is powered by CoinMarketCap. After setting up the Mask Plug-in, the users can hover the mouse to any “$+ticker” like $BTC or $ETH, then our widget will automatically detect and pop up with the latest price chart of the token.

Now, the price chart is supported to display on the search page. You can get the info of cryptocurrencies faster and directly.

Supported by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, can be switched freely

We’ve already implemented the function of viewing crypto price charts ( CoinMarketCap) and direct trading ( Uniswap ) without leaving Twitter. In our new version, 0x is added to our trading widget, which could aggregate prices from various decentralized exchanges and provide the best price for users.

Direct trading with Uniswap on Twitter has already been realized in the last version. Now, we are excited to announce that 0x is also added to our trading widget. Thus, multiple options are offered for users on our page.

The trading widget will now use 0x API to aggregate price from various decentralized exchanges and provide the best price for users.

· Supports major DEXs including Uniswap, Curve, dydx, Kyber, etc

· Supports more than 1000 tokens and allows adding custom tokens (practically supporting all ERC-20 token pairs).

· The gas price is the lowest across major DEXs.

( More DEXs are welcomed to collaborate.)

We’ve received a bunch of feedback and praises in Defi, but Mask Network is still trying to provide users with a more complete experience by constantly improving our product.

Thus, we work together with Transak — A developer integration to onboard global users from fiat to crypto and back using local payment methods.

We use Transak to aggregate fiat on/off ramps across the globe. Now you can directly trade tokens as long as you have money in your bank (both credit and debit card work). One perk of Transak is that not only can it compare prices, it can also aggregate allowance.

Fiat on-ramp not only enables direct crypto trading, but it also allows for various purchases via this crypto-fiat bridge. Stay tuned for what you can purchase next!

Follow this link for Transaks coverage and KYC requirement

Coverage, Payment Methods, Fees & Limits



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