Web3 Social Grant Round 5 Review

Mask Network
24 min readNov 28, 2023


The fifth Web3 Social Grant Round sponsored by Mask Network is currently in the donation phase. Similar to the past four rounds, this is an independent Web3 Social round featured in the Gitcoin Grant round (GG19).

We’ve received many applications, with many projects applying for the first time. The donation period will continue until 12:00 UTC on November 29th.

To donate: you can finish this website, or visit https://grants.gitcoin.co/, search for Web3 Social round, and click Donate.

Here’s a brief introduction to approved and listed projects, divided into 6 categories:

  • Communication/ Messaging
  • Social Networks
  • Social, Business, and Collaboration Tools
  • Identity, Reputation Data Analysis, and Applications
  • Creator Economy
  • ENS

1. Communication/ Messaging


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EggcessTech

Website: https://eggcess.tech/

Eggcess is a SocialFi web3 platform which allows users to reach out to their desired influencers or KOLs.

Many users have always wanted to reach out to their desired KOLs for specific requests but they are unable to do so simply because KOLs have no time and there are no direct incentives for KOLs to do so. Eggcess allows users to put up a bid to KOLs and KOLs are able to claim these bids by simply responding to the users.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixNMatchHQ

Website: https://mixnmatch.fun/

Mix-n-Match introduces a unique stranger chat inframe for communities, allowing individuals to engage in random conversations with fellow members. This platform fosters the exchange of ideas within the same community. Moreover, Mix-n-Match facilitates iframe integration, enabling website owners to seamlessly embed it within their platforms.

As a versatile tool, Mix-n-Match offers a means for people to connect with strangers globally, fostering new friendships and expanding social networks. Its ability to facilitate connections between users enhances community engagement, creating opportunities for meaningful interactions.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/s3nd_global

Website: https://www.s3nd.global/

A winning project of ETHGlobal Paris hackathon, S3nd is a cross-platform Web3 communication tool that aggregates all Web3 messaging apps. Besides allowing you to view all discussions and simultaneously send messages across supported apps, S3nd can also filter out spam and bots by allowing you to decide who can send you messages. Verify yourself and ensure a unique communication experience that lets your messages stand out from the crowd.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaMailInk

Website: https://metamail.ink/

MetaMail is a free-to-use web3 email provider, where users use their wallet (i.e. eth address/ ENS) to send, encrypt and receive emails — just like they would with Gmail and Outlook! Only the recipient has the private key to decrypt the mails, ensuring the ultimate security. Further, being connected with well-known social graph projects like KNN3/Next.ID/CyberConnect means that it’s able to bring users’ Web3 social connections into the application.

Moving forward, the MetaMail team is building an improved version of the user experience. It plans to open source the MetaMail email protocol and faciliate users in hosting their own MetaMail service.

Thunder Chat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thunderchatapp

Website: https://thunder.im

With ERC-4337 (an Ethereum standard that achieves account abstraction on the protocol without any consensus-layer changes) and paymaster capabilities, users can enjoy the privacy provided by blockchain encryption while not having to go through the hassle of securing seed phrases to interact with the blockchain. Further, social recovery of accounts is possible and gasless transactions can be achieved via third parties.

To provide a secure messaging platform for users, Thunder Chat uses the Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key exchange protocol combined with an AES-256 GCM encryption scheme to provide end-to-end data encryption. By encrypting messages before storing them on the blockchain with access given only to intended parties, users have complete control over their data and privacy.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/getplebbit

Website: https://plebbit.com

Plebbit is a protocol and tool for the creation of decentralised forum applications like Reddit, Facebook groups, Discourse, etc. It’s a pure P2P protocol, hence it doesn’t use any central server, databases, public HTTP endpoint, DNS, etc. It uses parts of the IPFS and Ethereum stack:

  • IPFS for immutable data, like a published comment or a recent subplebbit (an IPNS record updated every 5 minutes, containing the latest post’s CID, pubsub “topic” address etc.) page;
  • IPNS for mutable data, like replies to a comment, upvote counts, new posts/ comments published on a subplebbit, etc;
  • IPFS pubsub (messaging middleware for event ingestion and delivery) for authors publishing comments/ votes to a subplebbit and for the captcha challenge exchange between authors and subplebbits;
  • ENS for usernames, community names, and serving the client in browsers.

Plebbit allows for unlimited subplebbits, users, posts, comments and votes. Users are able to post for free using an identical Reddit interface, while subplebbit owners are able to moderate spam semi-automatically using their own captcha service over peer-to-peer pubsub. Further, Plebbit client developers are able to serve an unlimited number of users, without any server, legal, advertising or moderation infrastructure.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EppieApp?s=20

Website: https://eppie.io

While there are 4B+ email accounts in the world, none actually belong to users since it’s the server that decides if a user is allowed to use their identity during the login, which is a privacy violation by design.

Eppie changes that with an open protocol decentralised email, giving Web3 users full account ownership. Users can create an account simply by accepting the seed phrase.

It is compatible with other DID standards and can send messages within Eppie’s own network or directly to any crypto wallet. The client application is also compatible with SMTP/ IMAP protocols, so users can connect and communicate through Web2 email services, but the emails never land on the server (i.e. going straight to the decentralised network).

Eppie has no servers. It works through a peer-to-peer network, where every device is a client. The application encrypts the data, breaks it to pieces and stores them on random nodes of the network — the other client machines. The address is also a public key. Only the user can retrieve the data using their matching private key. No one else has access to it, including Eppie’s developers.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComingChatApp?s=20

Website: https://coming.chat/

ComingChat is an all-in-one social portal built on the Sui Network, aiming to become the lifestyle choice for the next billion Web3 users. By combining ChatGPT, socialisation, and blockchain, ComingChat maximises users’ experience within the Sui ecosystem.

Key features include:

  • P2P Encrypted Chat using Signal Protocol;
  • CryptoCurrency Red Packet: users who use ComingChat can directly send their assets as gifts to friends;
  • Omnichain Wallet: supporting more than 20 chains across multi-ecosystems (e.g. EVM/ WASM/ Bitcoin/ Move-VM/ Terra/ Dogecoin etc.);
  • Integrating WalletConnect: users can easily send/ receive/ connect wallets by scanning QR codes;
  • Dmens: an on-chain twitter built on Sui Network available on browser and mobile, where every action (Like/ Share/ Quote) requires a confirmation on chain.
  • Discover: highlight the most popular products in each ecosystem.

Currently, ComingChat has more than 4 million users in 200+ countries around the world.

2. Social Network


Twitter: https://twitter.com/lensplayxyz

Website: https://www.lensplay.xyz/

LensPlay is a mobile-first decentralized video-sharing app that empowers creators, leveraging Lens Protocol and Livepeer to transform content sharing for a global audience.

LensPlay offers a decentralized video-sharing mobile app where creators own their video content. Videos are stored permanently in Arweave, while metadata is stored permanently on-chain, ensuring that users can create content of their choice without any restrictions. Creators can monetize their content using various means such as NFT modules and tips.

Here’s a list of their full features:

  • 🎥 Create channels.
  • 📺 Create or Upload any video content.
  • 🎁 Collect videos as NFT.
  • 🔄 Mirror and share videos.
  • 🔔 Notifications about new subscribers, comments, mirrors, and collects.
  • 💲 Customize who can collect your video and associated fees.
  • ✉️ Customize who can comment on your video.
  • ❤️ Support any creator by sending a Tip.
  • 👍 Like and comment on videos.
  • 📸 Short byte-sized videos called Shots
  • 🕓 Save your favorite videos to Watch later.
  • 🏷 Filter videos through categories


Twitter: https://twitter.com/thefireflyapp

Website: https://firefly.land/

Firefly is a next generational, cross-DID social mobile application aggregating on-chain and off-chain data ****into a singular, unified timeline. It has more than 30,000 people on the waitlist. Some of its key features include:

  • Simple Login: Use your Lens identity to access a unified feed with your connections’ tweets, Lens posts, Farcaster casts, Mirror publications, DAO governance, and NFT activities — all in one place. Farcaster login capabilities will be launched in a few weeks.
  • Cross-Posting: You can now easily reach all of your friends and followers on Firefly by cross-posting to Twitter and Lens. Cross-posting with Farcaster is coming soon.
  • Customizable Feed Source: By choosing different subscriptions, you can now tailor your own social discovering experience.
  • Cleaner Feeding: Enjoy the simple and clean social experience ever with our improved spam prevention filters.

Moving forward, Firefly aims to add open social protocols like ActivityPub into their ecosystem. In the near future, posts from the 100 million Meta users who signed up for Threads would be possibly accessible in the Firefly app too.

Hey.xyz (formerly Lenster)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heydotxyz

Website: https://hey.xyz/

Hey.xyz is a community-built decentralized, and permissionless social media app built on Lens Protocol. With Hey.xyz:

  • Personal Information: Users do not need to provide any personal information except their username and wallet address;
  • Privacy: everything a user post is public, and they are responsible for it. The Hey.xyz/ Lens team does not have access to remove the posts;
  • Spam: users must sign for everything or by the relay. That’s the nature of the Blockchain; no one wants to sign their identity for spamming
  • Downtime: there will be 0 downtimes, and no one can DDoS the platform. Hey.xyz is hosted in a decentralized chain and decentralized file storage system IPFS.

Here’s a list of their full features:

  • 👥 Create user profiles
  • 🌠 Create posts
  • 💬 Comment on a post
  • 🪞 Mirror (sharing) posts
  • 🔖 Bookmark posts
  • 🔐 Token gated publications
  • 💰 Create crowdfunds
  • 👥 Create communities
  • ➕ Follow profiles
  • 🎨 Publish NFTs
  • 🏞 Collect NFTs
  • 🔔 Notifications
  • 💌 E2E encrypted DMs
  • 🚀 Launch a DAO from the profile follow NFTs
  • 🏘️ Communities (WIP)
  • 🎤 Spaces (WIP)

Tape (formerly Lenstube)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapexyz

Website: https://tape.xyz/

Tape is a decentralized, open-source video-sharing social media platform, built on Lens protocol. By storing videos permanently in Arweave with the metadata stored permanently on-chain, users continue to own their content and are free to create content of their choice. Further, creators can monetize their content through various means e.g. NFT modules and tips.

Here’s a list of their full features:

  • 📺 Create channels.
  • 📀 Publish any video content or NFTs.
  • 🔨 Collect video as NFT.
  • 🪞 Mirror and share videos across Lens Dapps.
  • 💰 Set membership fees to your channel.
  • 🔔 Notifications about new members, comments, mirrors, and mints.
  • 💲 Customize who can collect your video and associated fees.
  • ❤️ Support any creator by sending a Tip.
  • 👍 Like and comment on videos.
  • 🎥 Short videos called Bytes
  • 🌿 Watch later and recently watched videos library.
  • 🏷 Video Categories
  • ♾️ Split revenue between content stakeholders or anyone and more.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Web3Img

Website: https://web3img.com/

Web3IMG is a decentralized Pinterest, that provides free image upload, image sharing and link services. Web3IMG uses IPFS distributed storage for all content, ensuring data security, reliability and permanence. It also offers original image preservation and global CDN acceleration capabilities.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/StogramHQ

Website: https://stogram.vercel.app/

By Utilizing Web3 Storage solutions provided by IPFS, Stogram aims to provide users with a privacy-foucused and advertisement-free experience.

There are several user’s pain points addressed by Stogram, and they are trying to solve.

1, Empowering User Privacy and Control

2, Fostering Authentic Connections

3, Supporting Creative Expression

4, Encouraging Ethical Content Sharing

5, Promoting Social Giving

6, Enabling Global Collaboration

7, Spurring Technological Innovation

Stogram leverages the decentralized Storage to reshape the Social network. From its perspective it can give users a lot Benefit that traditional Social network platforms never gave to the users.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/twittensxyz?s=20

Website: https://www.twittens.xyz

Leveraging on Twitter API, NFT ownership data and ENS twitter text-record, Twittens makes it easier to find and connect with new collectors and NFT enthusiasts from their preferred NFT communities. It uses the metadata in ENS, specifically the twitter text record, and information about NFT collection owners to create a list of Twitter users who are members of NFT collections. Users are also able to set their twitter text-record in their ENS domain within a few clicks using set.twittens.xyz website (open-source).

Pin Save

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinSav3?s=20

Website: https://evm.pinsave.app

Pin Save is a decentralised image/ video sharing and content aggregation platform that allows users to control the content and the platform itself. With Pin Save, users can leverage the power of decentralised storage, smart contracts, and creator ownership of intellectual property to protect and monetize their content through sponsorships and advertising.

Its decentralised feed provides users with an easy and secure way to discover and share content, which includes NFTs on Canto, Polygon Mumbai and Fantom Chains. With the Feed, users can follow other users’ posts and receive feedback from other users. This feedback can be used to improve content and engage with others in the Pin Save community. The Feed also allows users to explore new and emerging trends.

Smart contracts and decentralised identity (ERC-725) allow users to maintain their anonymity and data protection. Pin Save also provides users with an upgradeable, resilient, and open decentralised storage system via Arweave and IPFS with NFTPort, Estuary and Nft.storage, to ensure their content is always safe.

Bloom Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurBloomNetwork?s=20

Website: https://bloomnetwork.earth

Bloom is a cyber-physical social network that helps people find and participate in grassroots climate actions where they live. There are currently 30,000 people on the ground in 22 local Bloom hubs across 9 countries building community on the ground, creating food sovereignty, bioregional economies, teaching transformative justice, and repairing micro-climates.

Local Bloom hubs connect existing projects in their region. They plant community gardens, teach people to form agroforestry co-ops, and build regional token economies focused on land and water stewardship. Online, they share knowledge P2P as a global community to implement climate repair more quickly and cost-effectively.

On the web3 front since Gitcoin Alpha, Bloom has been pilot planning with Kolektivo’s nature-backed stablecoin with Blooms in Diamante Valley, Costa Rica and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and developing Unlock membership subscription NFT.

In 2023, Bloom aims to welcome 100 new local Bloom hubs, pilot local/ international member fee splits to jumpstart local Blooms, complete their cooperative/DAO formation and implement cooperative patronage token to reward members for doing regenerative actions.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NextmeOne?s=20

Website: https://nextme.one/

Nextme is committed to bringing data and social life to life,building a rich Web3 social traffic and distribution portal, aiming to become a social portal and user-generated content (UGC) dating community driven by decentralized relationship protocols.

Nextme mainly serves creators and brand owners. With personalized and exquisite templates, one-stop delivery, and instant sharing of your Web3 social portal, you can connect, create, interact, trade, and make profits in the community square, so that social data rights belong to all holders, so that platform traffic advertising and portrait revenue can be fed back to all active individuals through decentralized agreement settlement.

Nextme has been in public beta for more than a month, and the number of wallet users is close to 100,000. Over 87,700 users have created and shared their own portal, and over 30,300 users have claimed official Social3 DID SBT. At the same time, it has also established cooperation or strategic acceleration relationships with 100+ excellent partners such as ENS, Lens, BNB, OKX, Element, Cointime, Rainbow, thirdweb, JpegPalace, BuidlerDAO, SeeDAO, PermaDAO, TokenPocket, CoolWallet, DeBox, bit, etc. In addition, Nextme also attracted the use and word-of-mouth communication of blue-chip Holders such as BAYC, Azuki, Punks, etc. in the early days, in multiple vertical fields (Crypto & Web3, Brand & IP, NFT, photographers, designers, bloggers, developers, Wallet, DAO, Finance, Infra, etc.) have a certain audience and a number of KOLs (1 million + fans) for trial and fission growth.

For more information, see the official portal: https://nextme.one/nextme.eth

Beta Showcase Gallery: https://nextme.one/explore


Twitter: https://twitter.com/_StarSocial?s=20

Website: https://star-social.vercel.app

StarSocial is a web3 social media aggregator app that combines platforms like Farcaster and Lenster, allowing users to view and interact with their social media accounts from a single platform. Thus, reducing the burden of managing multiple social media accounts, and making it easier for users to stay up-to-date with their friends’ latest posts and interactions.

By aggregating web3 socials, StarSocial streamlines the user’s social media experience, saving time and reducing the burden of managing multiple social media accounts. Users can easily switch between different platforms, post updates across all platforms, and customise their feeds. With Next ID relation service, users can search for their friends using their Twitter username, simplifying the process of finding and connecting with friends on web3 social media platforms.

3. Social, Commercial & Collaboration Tools


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dhive_Official

Website: https://www.dhive.io/

Dhive is a platform dedicated to Web3 Governance and Discussion. It can assist you in obtaining updated governance proposals from various projects or communities. You can engage in discussions with users and establish trustful interactions with different partners, including both projects and users.

The core features list:

  • Real-time Governance Proposals

Get a front-row seat to the latest governance proposals from a myriad of Web3 communities, ensuring every voice is heard.

  • Discussion Forums

Engage in decentralized conversations that mirror platforms like Reddit. Share, debate, and co-create the Web3 narrative.

  • Instant Notifications

Dhive ensures you’re always in the know. Receive timely notifications for new proposals, posts, and discussions tailored to your interests.

  • Trusted Interactions

With Mask Network’s Next.Id, boost your profile’s trust quotient. Flaunt your Web3 identities and interact with added credibility.

  • Tailored Community Recommendations

Dhive’s intelligent algorithms recommend communities to follow based on your token holdings, ensuring you’re aligned with governance decisions and discussions that matter to you.

WUW — WhateverYouWant

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WUW_WhtevrUWant

Website: https://portal.wuw-whateveryouwant.xyz/

WUW is a SocialFi and Quest app community tool designed for three types of users:

  • Project
  • Content creator
  • Individual users

For Projects, they can create a Project Page and add links. The features include:

  1. Creating Quests: supporting Twitter, Discord, and more platforms.
  2. Token-gated content: Chat Groups and Streams.
  3. Receiving Tips or Donations.
  4. Launching ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.
  5. Creating a Pre-sale for your tokens.

As a Content Creator/User:

  1. Creating posts.
  2. Streaming video, audio, and screen sharing.
  3. Accessing token-gated content.
  4. Posting across multiple platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and more to come.
  5. Completing quest tasks.
  6. Winning XP, airdrops & giveaways.”


Twitter: https://twitter.com/onlyfun_city

Website: https://onlyfun.city/index.html

Onlyfun aims to establish connections between projects, KOLs, and users through independent columns, providing a new platform for information transmission and communication.

Onlyfun has 6 modules:

1, Column

The columns are created and managed by column owners, who can choose to make them public or hidden according to their category. If hidden, the column can only be joined by invitation.

2, PlayGround

The PlayGround is a module designed to allow users to express themselves freely, enabling independent content while promoting interaction among users.

3, Fox NFT

Fox NFT is a series of NFT published by Onlyfun, which includes The Cyber Fox NFT, Destruction NFT,Treasure Box, Commemorative Coin NFT and Onlyfun Founding NFT.

Different type of NFT owners have different privilege and benefits.

4, OFC Token

OFC Token is a token issued by Onlyfun with a total supply of 1,000,000,000.

5, Mining

NFT owners can stake their NFTs to earn OFC tokens. OFC holders can stake OFC to earn rewards.

6, Multichain

Onlyfun supports Ethereum, BSC, Polygon,Optimism, Arbitrum one, Zksync and other networks.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Web3eventorg

Website: https://www.web3event.org/

Web3event.org is focused on event discovery, creation, and exposure in the context of the Web3 and blockchain industry. It aims to serve as a comprehensive platform that aggregates, promotes, and enhances the value of Web3-related events. The project’s core functionalities include:

Event Discovery: Providing users with easy access to information about a wide range of Web3 events happening around the world, covering various domains and interests.

Event Creation: Enabling event organizers to create, manage, and promote their Web3-related events, including ticketing and other relevant details.

Event Exposure: Optimizing the visibility and value of these events by connecting organizers with the right sponsors, speakers, and attendees.

It already collected 2900+ events covering 180+ cities. According to the Google analyst, Web3event already served 20K users globally.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/mymoss_io

Website: https://mymoss.io/

Moss is a social document management and sharing platform based on Web3. It stands as an innovative alternative to centralized file management, granting users greater autonomy over their data while ensuring swift, effortless, and secure file sharing.

Leveraging decentralized storage technologies like IPFS/Arweave, Moss offers users a secure environment to store and manage diverse content types.

Additionally, Moss introduces MossLand — that enables creators to establish their exclusive spaces. Through MossLand, creators can effortlessly interact with their audience, sharing paid content to generate income.,

Moss operates as the Web3 equivalent of Substack, empowering writers to not only monetize their content but also foster direct communication with their subscribers

LunCo — collaborative systems engineering

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LunCoSim

Website: https://lunco.space/

LunCo is dedicated to collaborative engineering, aiming to integrate the existing Space & Robotics industry models into one Virtual World, allowing collaborative (Concurrent) engineering.

At the core of LunCo’s focus lies Data Sovereignty, enabling users to share data in a decentralized manner. There’s no central server; instead, users operate it locally. They can edit their projects and share them with the community using IP-NFTs for data discoverability. Additionally, LunCo utilizes decentralized data exchange networks like IPFS to facilitate the sharing of data itself.

The potential impact of LunCo on the Space and Robotics industries is substantial. It expands collaboration to a global scale, fostering a sense of community among professionals in these fields.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/decentr_place

Website: https://decentraplace.io/

Decetraplace is a new Web3 platform to Collaborate on Pixel art NFTs. Decentraplace introduce ERC20 (PLACE) and ERC1155, and create a deflation mechanism:

1, users can burn PLACE tokens to color on-chain pixels,

2, users who burning PLACE tokens will get NFT Rewards.

Beyond that, decetraplace also introcude 3 Gamemodes to make it more fun and interesting.

  • OnChainInk
  • PhantomMessenger
  • LuckyEleven

Despite being in early stages, the platform has attracted over 200 beta testers and completed successful testNFT snapshots on the Sepolia Testnet.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jon_McCutchen

Github: https://github.com/Scribe-DAO

Scribe is a decentralized application that incentivizes collaborative written content, including books, articles, lyrics, screenplays, and more.

It allows anyone to propose a project. Users interested in the project can donate cryptocurrency to it and submit contribution proposals. These contributions are then voted on by prior contributors for inclusion in the project. Upon project finalization, the donated cryptocurrency is distributed among the contributors based on the value they added. Additionally, NFTs are minted for contributors with accepted content contributions, allowing each contributor to share ownership of the finished product.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/glorylaboratory?s=20

Website: https://poap.in

POAPin is a series of tools built on the Proof of Attendance (POAP) ecosystem.

Currently, it is interoperable across Android, iOS, macOS, and a web-based POAP explorer. While the basic function is to organise and share POAPs, the web version also has features for creating custom topics and grouping POAPs together. Additionally, there is also pin.poap.in to create code to embed POAPs in web pages.

Recently, POAP.ooo was introduced allowing users to know when a relevant POAP is minted through email or browser notifications immediately.

Notably as of 18 April, POAP drops will be divided into personal and commercial categories, which will enable the POAP Curation Body to respond more appropriately to the needs of POAP issuers and open new doors for commercial drop opportunities. While POAP will remain free for personal use, preferential pricing will be made available to support issuers through the transition. Rates are anticipated to standardise at $1 per POAP after this initial period.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoulcialGlobal

Website: https://soulcial.discoverse.club/

Demo: https://eth-soulcial.discoverse.club/

Soulcial is an AI-driven light social app with innovative social assets price discovery protocol, aiming to help everyone connect with more soulmates. Based on a self-developed social evaluation model, users can convert their on-chain activities and real-world behaviours into the social index, SBTI. They can then generate their own exclusive Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) social assets — SoulCast, which is a composable NFT with personality traits.

In future, Soulcial aims to launch an AI-driven matching system, gamified chat system, quest system, Soul square, DID protocol, data service and social metaverse.

4. Identity, Reputation Data Analytics & Applications

Social Layer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialLayer_im

Website: https://www.sociallayer.im/

Social Layer is a decentralized social token protocol designed to record and program social interactions, relations, and trust in a decentralized society.

This on-chain protocol for Social Capital facilitates the discovery, utilization, circulation, and composition of Social Tokens, representing Social Identities across various communities. The protocol establishes standards for decentralized identifiers (DID) access, social token attributes, metadata, and the merging of internal and external tokens.

The accompanying user-friendly product prototype enables community members to easily define, send, and receive tokens without coding, facilitating the recording of personal achievements and the exchange of corresponding incentives.

The mission of Social Layer is to build an open, decentralized, permissionless, and programmable social value network, fostering a Web3 network of trust for societal collaboration and coordination. The importance of social tokens lies in their ability to define reciprocal value systems, focusing on trust, reciprocity, community culture, and emotions within communities. The approach involves a two-year iterative development of the DApp to meet user needs and provide community infrastructure.

Communities ID

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CommunitiesID

Website: https://www.communities.id/

Communities ID is the first “Decentralized Identity as a Service” (DaaS) protocol. It provides a “Username.Brandname” style exclusive yet open decentralized Identity (DID) system for crypto projects.

DaaS refers to providing a permissionless & customizable decentralized Identity (DID) framework that allows anyone to create their own exclusive top-level domain (Brand DID) without any coding. Based on this Brand DID, one can build an identity system tailored for various business scenarios. The subdomains (User DID) not only possess the universal wallet resolution capability of traditional domain NFTs but also offer a rich array of extended features within their respective ecosystems.

Here are the Key Features of Communities ID:

Omnichain: 1 User DID for multiple networks. Fully EVM-compatible plus plans to expand to non-EVM chains like TON.

Bridging: Not only connects various dApps ensuring high interoperability but also integrates with Telegram bots, bridging the gap with native Web2 social scenarios.

Highly Customizable: Rich economic models and pricing strategies to align with specific community management needs.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metopia_xyz

Website: https://metopia.xyz/

Metopia is an onchain credential and incentive system. Users can accumulate onchain reputation and credentials by contributing, while communities have the capability to distribute rewards to credential holders by endorsing them.

Metopia is a groundbreaking web3 platform that facilitates decentralized governance without relying on financial incentives. The platform is reputation-based, which means that users can earn MetoBadges that reflect their behaviour and actions on the platform.

These MetoBadges are unique digital assets that are soulbound to each user, granting them access to exclusive incentive pools. By unlocking these incentive pools, users can earn rewards such as USDT tokens and NFTs, all without having to resort to traditional financial instruments.

This non-financialized governance model ensures that decisions are made based on the merits of the proposal, rather than financial incentives. As a result, the platform promotes fairness and transparency, while unlocking the full potential of decentralized decision-making.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/inferer_xyz

Website: https://inferer.xyz/

Inferer is a user identity analysis service on the blockchain. It aims to build a label-rich user portrait system by analyzing on-chain/off-chain data, and mining data to infer user identity through algorithm models. It also offers the final user identity evaluation service. Further, while identifying users based on their behaviour behind an address, it also providing user profiles for specific addresses to regular users and dApps.

Their key products include: (1) Inferer Identity — focus on instant-check search scenarios, which enable users to have a quick scan on address; and (2) Inferer Ranking & API — focus on pre-security check scenarios, which could be integrated in customer’s product and help reduce the harm conducted by bots or hackers.

Their Chrome extension is now available on the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/inferer/cihpoafnmmlancocngfdmdcfhkfjglnj) with features updated regularly.

Kleo Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kleo_network

Website: https://www.kleo.network

Kleo Network allows the consensual sharing of social graphs based on the user’s browsing history. The user can share this information with an organisation and benefit from the personalised experience along with $KLEO rewards without sacrificing privacy. The social graphs uses zero-knowledge proofs to ensure user privacy is not violated.

  • Users just need to download the extension, cookie popups are replaced so no user behaviour change takes place.
  • Organisations can be onboarded in less than 5 minutes.
  • Decentralised storage linked with a wallet address stores the user’s browsing history in an encrypted format.
  • Organisations can choose how the popup would appear on their website.

5. Creator Economy


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PledgePost

Website: https://interface-tan-seven.vercel.app/

PledgePost is a platform where writers can publish their articles, collect donations and receive extra funds through Quadratic Funding(QF). It aims to create a sustainable and equitable funding mechanism for Article Posts and helping Writers to earn Income from their contributions.

We’ve witnessed the immense benefits users gain from collective intelligence as a public good. PledgePost plays a pivotal role by compensating writers for their invaluable contributions, undoubtedly fostering a vibrant world of knowledge-sharing


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZonDirectory

Website: https://zon.vporton.name/

Zon is an application that combines features of Twitter, LiveJournal, Amazon Kindle, and Dmoz.

There are two key components of Zon applications: Items and Folders.

Creator’s content is identified as an Item, and a Folder can include one or many Items. Zon can help monetize Creator’s content through an advanced affiliate program, available for both the entire network and individual Items, and separate for buyers and sellers.

Zon will be implemented by putting both backend and frontend onto the Internet Computer blockchain. This blockchain is renowned for its low cost, fast finality times, and convenience.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/theshrxyz?s=20

Website: https://theshr.xyz

Built with Lens Protocol and Polygon Network, Share is a decentralised Web3 publishing platform where authors can publish articles as NFT, and readers can interact with their favourite authors.

Authors can write articles with a block editor and DALLE-2 API for covers and configure how they want to monetize the article. Thereafter, the article is published and shared to the whole Lens ecosystem (Lenster, Lensta, Orb etc.). Revenues can be optimised by automatically investing them on AAVE or a Vault.

Readers can collect articles, up/ down vote, access to token-gated content and embark on Curate to Earn — share the most relevant content while earning passive income.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/data2_cash

Website: https://data2.cash

Demo: https://demo.data2.cash

Data2.cash is a user data assets trading protocol that aims to empower users to own the value created by their data and form a composable user portrait layer.

While users can control their own data and generate passive income from it, data users can access user data by using Data2.cash API. New applications no longer need to start from scratch in collecting user data — they can access a wealth of comprehensive user data as soon as they connect to the data layer.

Users import metadata (eg., wallet accounts, Twitter accounts, GitHub accounts, etc) from data collectors into their account vault, tags will be found from metadata, and later, users can generate zero-knowledge proof from their tags, and link them to their ZK portrait. Data users can use Data2.cash API to search for ZK identities using specific tags, and pay for the search, ZK identity owners get rewarded by providing their data.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/metadragverse

Website: https://www.dragverse.io/

Beta App: https://dragverse.app/

Dragverse is a community-driven platform empowering drag creators to connect, create, and express themselves freely with safety and support. It stands at the frontier of the digital age, tailor-made for drag entertainment. They’re leveraging Livepeer for livestreaming, Spatial/Decentraland for metaverse digital experiences, and Lens Protocol and Base to knit a rich web3 social canvas. Within this decentralized realm, drag artists don’t just perform; they live, interact, and are aptly compensated without the boundaries set by conventional platforms.

Built similarly to Lenstube, ORB, Lenster, and other apps in the Lens ecosystem; users can access the same followers and content through different apps in various ways. If you have a Lens profile, you can connect your wallet, tip the artist an share their artwork with your community.

Ensō Collective

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enso_collective?s=20

Website: https://ensocollective.xyz

Ensō Collective uses blockchain transactions and web3 reputation to provide a social commerce experience that values curation over quantity, making it easy for users to discover and purchase the products that truly align with their tastes.

Built on top of Lens Protocol, the platform links brands and designers with their tastemakers, allowing them to earn from onchain attribution.

Key features include:

  • Save posts: save Publications in a public or private board;
  • Split collect: multiple parties part of the creation of a publication receive revenue upon its collection;
  • Affiliate split: original creator with reach and audience is rewarded with a % split of the Collect fee;
  • Multi-collect shopping: save user’s Collects in a shopping cart;
  • Address collect: certain publications, upon collection, will lead to a physical product being shipped by a brand;
  • Public goods: share rewards on profile and feed.

6. ENS

Heavens Tools

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DylanMeador

Website: https://build.heavens.tools/

Heavens Tools is a visionary project led by Dylan Meador (satoshi.testaccount.eth), aiming to revolutionize Web3 through ENS. This individual-driven initiative bridges the gap between traditional web design and decentralized technologies. It leverages Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Interplanetary File Service (IPFS) to provide accessible, free education and tools for global empowerment in Web3 development.

It began as a drag-and-drop website creator on IPFS, evolving into multilingual tutorials, VR realms with NFTs, and community seminars. Dylan’s mission is to empower creators, regardless of coding experience, ensuring secure and immutable deployments.

This project fosters a global network of skilled Web3 developers, promoting innovation and inclusivity, driving the digital transformation of our world. With community contributions and potential grants, Heavens Tools aims to expand its reach and enhance educational resources for broader Web3 accessibility and adoption.

eth.cd — A social hub for ENS domains

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethdotcd

Website: https://eth.cd/

eth.cd is a Web3 social networking platform that leverages Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to create dynamic, decentralized profiles based on users’ ENS records.

eth.cd’s Object is to create a unique, user-friendly social networking platform that offers ENS users a comprehensive digital identity, enhanced by aggregated social media content and decentralized applications.

It will enrich the ENS ecosystem, and RNS users will benefit from it. The features will include:

  • ENS-Based Profiles: User profiles created with the data added to their ENS domains, which showcase their digital identity.Gamification: Leaderboards and rewards for users who actively update and enrich their profiles.Social Networking Tools: Decentralized messaging (via XMTP), following, and friend requests.Integration with Ethereum Follow Protocol: Allows for decentralized following functionalities.Content Aggregation: Aggregates content from multiple platforms based on ENS record data.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/eth_limo?s=20

Website: https://eth.limo

Eth.limo (LIMO) is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content. LIMO represents a shift in dWeb adoption by providing an alternative means of accessing ENS resolvable domains.

It takes public gateway services a step further by enforcing strong privacy guarantees, for instance, never logging IP addresses or engaging in TCP fingerprinting (a process where a remote site or service gathers little bits of information about a user’s machine and creates a unique profile of the user). It also actively blocks FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) — a Google developed algorithm that tracks and correlates users based on their browsing history.

LIMO supports every ENS compatible storage layer, allowing users to utilise IPFS, Arweave and Swarm ContentHashes. Further, it also supports CCIP-Read for L2 and off-chain lookups, emoji and unicode domains, fallback record checking and on-demand ENS subdomain certificates.

Moving forward, LIMO will be bolstering accessibility and facilitating developer experience with a suite of modern deployment tools. For instance, hotcaching (dynamically update ENS mapping cache in real-time as records are updated on-chain), reverse lookups (search for ENS names based on the IPFS CID or contenthash) and decentralising the LIMO infrastructure through a community run Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Twitter: https://twitter.com/1W3io?s=20

Website: https://1W3.eth.limo

1W3 is a one-stop solution for users to design, build and publish a no-code web3 website on IPFS, Arweave for their ENS Domains. Users can easily create professional-grade websites and publish them to decentralized storage platforms like IPFS and Arweave ensuring their content is safe, secure, and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Users will get an IInterPlanetary Name System (IPNS) key when a Website is published at http://1w3.eth.limo.

Essentially, it’s a user’s personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase their unique identity and creations.

Till date, they have 888 user sign-ups, an astounding 1290 decentralized websites up and running, 210 ENS domains connected and 12GB IPFS storage utilized.