Use Mask Network iOS, Get 2022 New Year Exclusive NFT & POAPs!

The Mask Network iOS version just had a major update that matches many features in the browser extension “Mask 2.0” update. The iOS version came with more surprises, and we are eager to invite every mask user to discover it.

The iOS App will give you a whole new experience of using Mask Network. We have redesigned the interface for the iOS application. Not only did we revamp a new look for both the “Persona” and the “Wallet”, but we also added a “Labs” tab that matches the “D.Market” on the browser extension, so users can use dApps that used to be exclusively available on websites. Now in the iOS version, you will be able to connect with certain wallet applications (wallets that support the WalletConnect standard) on your phone and view your assets on different chains all in one place.

Download the iOS application by searching “Mask Network” in App Store, or click here to download.

With the arrival of 2022, we would like to invite the ones who have used the iOS version, who are currently using it, even then who are about to join the club to participate in this thrilling 2022 New Year event. Join our Discord community, complete mission(s), and get NFT or POAP as our new year gift!

Mask Network 2022 New Year Event

📅 Time

January 1st — January 3rd

🎁 Prize

2022 New Year Exclusive NFTs and POAPs (see how to be eligible to get them below)

Probably nothing…

☑️ Missions

  • Mission 1: Take a screenshot of your Persona page using Mask Network iOS version (see example below), and send it in Discord #📱Mask_iOS Channel with your ETH address.
Screenshot of Persona page using Mask Network iOS version
  • Mission 2: Send a tweet containing 1) your new year wishes; 2) a picture that shows your Twitter profile page on the Mask Network iOS app (see example below) and 3) hashtag #MaskNetwork_iOS, and post the tweet URL to Discord #📱 Mask_iOS Channel with your ETH address.
Twitter profile page on the Mask Network iOS app


  1. To get POAP: Complete Mission 1
  2. To get NFT: we will randomly select 50 lucky users who completed Mission 2

Complete any one of the missions above will grant you the role of “iOS_Crew” in Mask Network Discord Channel. All rewards will be distributed no later than January 5th.

🎆 Happy New Year!




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