Pathway to Network States: Social, Game, and Creator Economy Hackathon

Mask Network
3 min readJan 18, 2023

2/10–2/20, over $50k prize pool, backed by Starkware official

Web3 is built with new methods of human collaboration, enabling humans to create their own communities, currencies, and even states in cyberspace. The exploration of game and labor, data and information, economy and entertainment in cyberspace constructs a utopia, a new home of mind, in the digital age.

The convergence of social, gaming and creator economies on the Open Internet will lead to new forms of collaboration and content distribution and information distribution, just as TikTok has impacted the traditional media industry.

Imagine all global users working together to create the vast worlds of the cyberspace of A Song of Ice and Fire or Harry Potter and collaborating to fill in the details of each branch of the worldview writing in a way that traditional PGC cannot.

Now is the time to back cyberspace from the Internet giants and build new network states. Mask Network and Matchbox are hosting an online hackathon with the theme of “Network States”, focusing on the Dapp layer to build the next generation of creator collaboration networks and value distribution networks.

During the 10-day hackathon, participants work in teams or individually to develop and present their solutions in the social, gaming, and creator economy sectors in the Starknet-based ecosystem. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams and up to $20K. All participants will have the opportunity to network and learn from leading devs, VCs, and global leading eco projects.

Official Website

Official Notion Page

Project build: 2/10–2/17

Project demo day and review: 2/17–2/20

Community Discord:

Team size: 1–6 people

Prize pool: over $50,000


  • Game: Topology, Loot Realms, Cartridge, Briq, and Giro Giro
  • Social: Web3MQ,, RSS3, Metaforo, .bit, KNN3, and Alphagram
  • Infra: Starkware, Argent and GoPlus

We thank all the projects and organizations that are providing judges, SDKs, Workshops, Bounties, sponsorships, developer connections etc.

An incomplete list includes Starkware, Argent, Topology, Loot Realms, Cartridge, Briq,, RSS3, Web3MQ, Metaforo, .bit, KNN3, GoPlus, Giro Giro, Not Fellows, Moonshot, BuidlerDAO, and Mint podcast who are providing prizes, judges, SDKs/APIs or developer communities to this hackathon.

About Matchbox

MatchBoxDAO is the place to be if you are in the world of on-chain gaming. Our team strives and works on building a stronger open-source community. We are dedicated to empowering developers to build innovative and engaging games on the blockchain through grants, expertise, community, and hackathons.

Our goal is to educate and inspire developers, fostering a competitive environment that drives the creation of better solutions and technologies. MatchBoxDAO has initiated several programs, including giving out grants to over 20 projects, organizing hackathons such as Battle of Titans (based on 0xMonaco), and recently completed the circle with educational efforts to help developers build their skills, with the first course being Introduction to AI and Machine Learning for developers.

About Mask Network

Mask Network is your portal to the new internet and is a long-term builder of the open internet. Mask Network is bringing the freedom of speech and data ownership back to normal users through the composable web3 social ecosystem we are building. $MASK is listing both on Binance and Coinbase, and backed by Balaji, the author of Network States

In 2022, Mask Network initiated a few programs, including but not limited to the ETHShanghai, scholarships, Gitcoin Round 14 social grant, Gitcoin Grants Round 15 social ecosystem round, and Mask Grant.

Mask Network team has been the maintainer of three of the most active instances of Mastodon, Pawoo,, and