NFT Avatar, the Brand New Way to Express Your Digital Identity

The NFT Avatar is officially on the Mask extension: we have identified some users who have changed their Twitter profile picture into an NFT they own, when they install the Mask extension, they will be able to check the information of that NFT, and after clicking the badge, will be able to redirect to OpenSea to display more details. We are still improving the NFT Avatar feature, in the near future, it will be able to identify all NFT-holding users and enable users to change avatars directly from their NFT collections, to bring a brand new social representation for everyone.

The NFT avatar is another breakthrough in the NFT realm for Mask Network. Due to the non-fungible property, the NFT avatar is never like any JPEGs, but something with deeper meaning in the digital identification, and has raised much attention within the industry. An NFT Avatar could represent the owner’s identity in both the crypto world and the futuristic metaverse. While Mask Network has been trying to integrate all entrances to Web 3.0 on traditional social media platforms (such as Twitter), NFT is one of the entrances. Mask Network has purchased a CryptoPunk (#6128) and two Loot (#3870 and #7405) to make them assets of the MaskDAO.

Mask Network has introduced the NFT Gallery feature in early September. The NFT Gallery can identify the ENS address/ ETH address in the user’s Twitter username or profile name, and display all NFTs in that ENS address. The NFT Gallery provides a place for NFT holders to display them in mainstream social media, and opens up a new window on traditional social media. Based on the NFT Gallery, we take another step further by enabling the NFT Avatar is another step further, it amplifies the social property for the user’s digital identity, showing its true value by verifying its authenticity.

We at Mask Network believe the NFT Avatar will be a brand new starting point for the user’s path to the metaverse. We will have constant updates to ensure the bridge we build is easy to use. We hope more users could join us to experience the brand new digital representation of one’s social identity, and discover the true meaning of the digital identity in the Web 3.0 world.

*We are still facing constraints for the NFT Avatar info display, and we only support NFTs on Ethereum at the moment. we will update it as soon as possible.



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