Mask Network to Launch the 5th Web3 Social Grant Round with $22,500 Pool on Gitcoin

Mask Network
3 min readNov 8, 2023



We are excited to announce that the 5th Mask Network Web3 Social Grant Round is live with a matching pool of $22,500.

In the previous four rounds of the Web3 Social Grant, nearly 200 unique projects successfully applied for and received grant funding. Mask Network is actively involved in the Web3 Social ecosystem and is delighted to see many exceptional projects applying for the Web3 Social Grant round.

Why Projects Should Apply

As the only Web3 Social Grant on Gitcoin, the Grant is very suitable for social-type projects.

First, the project can gain visibility and exposure to a broader audience.

Second, it has the potential to earn recognition and support from community users.

Third, because Gitcoin Grant uses the Quadratic Funding mechanism, more popular projects will receive the most fair rewards. The donation come not only from the sponsorship of Mask Network but also from community users.

Who Should Apply

The main criterion for the Web3 Social Round is that your project is within the Web3 social field. This can be any idea related to Web3 social, but we are particularly interested in the Web3 infrastructure layer, information distribution protocol, data storage, Web3 social dApps, and on-chain games.

Project Review Rules

  • The project should focus on Web3 Social-related topics. We recommend exploring Web3 infrastructure layers, information distribution protocols, data storage, Web3 social dApps, and on-chain games.
  • Provide web pages (Notion pages recommended) and documents with complete information.
  • We strongly recommend that the project have a demo to facilitate the display of functions.

Application Timeline

Applications are now open and will remain open until Nov 29th. Donations will begin on Nov 15th, so applying before this date could increase your chances of securing more funds.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Gitcoin Grants GG19 homepage and find the Web3 Social application in the Feature Rounds section, or go directly to the Web3 Social Round.
  2. After clicking on the application, connect your wallet and create a project (Apply). The difference from previous rounds is that the Grant round is deployed on the Optimism network, which greatly reduces the gas fee.
  3. Once you have completed the relevant application information, click “Submit” and complete the subsequent contract deployment (as shown in the figure below).

Support Group

Join the Telegram Groupchat:

About Mask Ecosystem

We are building a Web3 social ecology through investment in internal products and external ecology.

Internal product:

  • Mask Network — Browser extension
  • Firefly — Web3 Twitter Mobile Client
  • Next.ID — Our next-generation ID aggregation solution

Ecological investment:

  • RSS3 — Information distribution protocol
  • Web3MQ — Messaging and notification protocol
  • Metaforo — Forum solution
  • Metachat — Chat aggregator
  • Alphagram — Web3 Telegram
  • QuestN — Social marketing tool
  • — Next-generation information flow application

Mask does not establish a closed ecology like other projects but aims to create a more open and broader world. The Mask ecosystem aggregates many social protocols. This way, we can build a comprehensive ecology with many different protocols and applications. In addition, we do not require projects to integrate related protocols immediately, which is more friendly to new Web3 projects and allows projects to integrate related social protocols at the appropriate time.

In addition to the Web3 Social Grant Round, the Mask Ecosystem also offers various plans:


  • Mask Bounty Program


  • Mask Dropout Scholarship
  • Notfellows


  • Mask Grant program
  • Mask Web3 Social Grant


  • ETHShanghai Hackathon (internal)
  • Network State Hackathon (in collaboration with Matchbox, supported by Starkware)
  • ETHBeijing (external)
  • Moonshot Hackathon (external)
  • ETHTokyo Hackathon (external)
  • ETHGlobal Paris Hackathon (external)
  • ETHGlobal New York Hackathon (external)
  • ETHGlobal Online Hackathon (external)
  • ETHGlobal Istanbul (external)

… and more hackathons (constantly updating).

You may visit Mask Ecosystem Public Page for more information.