Mask Network Reveals its Staking Season 1

Mask Network
3 min readJun 5, 2024


GM! Dear communities, thank you for being right here with us. Mask Network will soon roll out Season 1 of our staking program.

As we said in our earlier post, we would like to show our commitment to the development of decentralized technology and social media solutions and continue to support the community, partners, and projects within our ecosystem.

Through the staking of $MASK tokens, participants will have the opportunity to receive additional tokens from Mask’s core partners and promising projects under our ecosystem as a reward.

Here you go!

Stake Your $MASK to Earn:

Stake your $MASK to earn points and share 700,000 $RSS3 and 40,000 $TON in the Season 1 program. The program is accessible directly on Mask Network‘s Staking Page on Ethereum mainnet.

Points Model

The staking model follows a points system. The higher the points are, the greater the rewards can be. Most users earn 1 point per hour for each staked $MASK.

The reward period spans the entire activity duration. The distribution of total rewards is based on the proportion of an individual’s points to the total points.

You can deposit $MASK at any time during each period, and withdraw at a set time at the end of the period. During the set period, staked assets are locked and cannot be withdrawn. After the set period ends, you can withdraw your staked $MASK, claim the reward tokens from the previous activity, or restake $MASK for the next round of activities.

Staking Guidelines

Restricted Region and compliance

Staking is not available in restricted countries, including but not limited to the US, Canada, China, Iran, North Korea, the Syrian Arab Republic, Netherlands, Crimea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Cuba. You are obligated to ensure that your use of Mask staking services does not violate any applicable laws, including but not limited to regulations on AML, CFT, sanctions and financial regulations.

Eligible Participants

MASK Staking is exclusively open to individual users. Organizations, companies, or institutions are not allowed to participate in the mining activity.

Security and Contract

The staking MASK contract will undergo strict security audits and testing to ensure the safety of user assets. Despite our best efforts to ensure contract security, users should understand that participating in staking activities carries certain risks. Users are solely responsible for the market risks, smart contract vulnerabilities, and other potential risks not intentionally caused by the organizers associated with staking activities. Please carefully evaluate and assess the relevant risks before participating in staking activities and make decisions based on your risk tolerance.

About Mask Network

Mask Network aims to build a user-friendly bridge from Web2 to Web3 decentralized apps. It has grown into a Web3 social conglomerate investing and building decentralized social apps, developer tools, protocols, and creative content for a world of people joining Web3. (Visit for more information)