Mask Network Reaches Strategic Partnership with NFTSCAN

Mask Network and NFTSCAN (, a professional NFT browser & data analysis platform, have reached a strategic partnership to cooperate on NFT data and the standardization of the NFT industry. In the future, NFTSCAN will provide technical and data authentication support for Mask’s NFT avatar authentication and other NFT related functions.

As a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, Mask Network has been trying to let users experience the charm of NFT directly on traditional social networks such as Twitter and has recently launched NFT Gallery and NFT Avatar to give new meaning to “holding” and “displaying” NFT on social networks. Mask needs a powerful database that can make NFT display and related information finding easier, so to view NFT-related information with one click could be possible.

With Mask Network, NFT shared on Twitter will no longer be a simple JPEG image, but the series name, number, and price of NFT will be displayed on Twitter after confirmation, all of which is supported by technical support, and we are grateful to the technical and data support provided by NFTSCAN.

NFTSCAN is a professional NFT browser and data analysis platform, which now has comprehensive coverage of NFT casting, transfer, transaction and other data of the Ethereum network. In addition to the NFTSCAN.COM browser for general users, the NFTSCAN team has also launched an API open platform for developers to promote the innovation and development of the industry together with developers in the NFT field. Up until October 17th, the NFTSCAN explorer has included 32,160,000+ NFT asset, 39,734 contract address, 50+ million trading record, and more than 7 million wallet address. NFTSCAN has become one of the most important infrastructures of the NFT ecosystem.

With the support of NFTSCAN, we believe that in the future, NFT Gallery, NFT Avatar, and other related functions will become more powerful and the user experience will be better in the future.




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The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

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