Mask Network Partners with Mirror Protocol, Bringing Synthetic Stock Assets to Social Networks

Mask Network has recently established a partnership between Mirror Protocol, a synthetic assets protocol powered by Terraform Labs. Mirror Protocol is the first synthetic assets protocol that tracks the price of real-world assets such as US stock markets, futures, exchange-traded funds, etc. The cooperation between these two projects will enable users to view price charts and trade synthetic assets (mAssets) on Twitter directly. This will be massive progress accomplished by Mask Network in the field of open finance, which would closely glue crypto assets and global finance together.

Mask Network has already launched a feature which supports viewing crypto price charts and direct trading on Twitter. After setting up the Mask Plug-in, users can acquire the info of the token on the search page of Twitter, or hover the mouse to any “$+ticker”, like $ETH or $MIR, then our widget will automatically detect it and pop up with the latest chart of the token.

With the introduction of Mirror Protocol, users can view price charts and directly trade mAssets on Twitter, which means synthetics of real-world assets, such as stocks, are now introduced to centralized social platforms. The data source is powered by CoinMarketCap.

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Exposure to US equities is quite attractive to investors globally, but many are restricted due to high barriers to entry. With Mirror Protocol cooperating with Mask Network, synthetics assets can now be displayed in traditional networks, which will enable investors around the globe to participate through a simpler and more convenient interface.

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About Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the Terra network that brings price exposure to real-world assets on-chain. Bridging DeFi with traditional markets, Mirror introduces mAssets — synthetics that can be held in fractional amounts and transacted without involving real assets, while maintaining open access and censorship resistance.

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About Mask Network

Mask Network is a core product of Dimension, which is officially launched in July 2019. Its main function is about encrypt/decryption, and it is constantly developing around this point. Mask Network (originally named Maskbook) is a portal that allows users to seamlessly send encrypted messages, cryptocurrencies, and even DApps (Defi, NFTs, DAO) over the top of social networks without migrating, and thereby creating a decentralized Applet(DApplet) ecosystem. In short, we want to bridge the New, Open Internet right on top of the current one.

Aiming to bridge the new, open Internet right on top of the current one, Mask Network, together with Mirror Protocol, will be dedicated to promoting the stock derivatives market, further rendering the boundary of the traditional world and the decentralized one, and in all, to offer users a more wide and free open-finance ecosystem.

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