Mask Network partners with Dtools, more in-depth cooperation deployment will take place in the future

Mask Network
2 min readAug 2, 2022


Dtools, the next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tools, and Mask network have reached a strategic partnership. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation at the Web3 plugin and tools level.

Mask Network is building a Web3 dApplet store directly on Web2. This dApplet store allows any content to be seamlessly integrated, displayed, or interacted with on existing social media platforms, enabling users to send encrypted messages, trade cryptocurrencies, and even interact with DeFi and NFTs protocols over popular Web2 social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Mask Network is also partnering with Next.ID as its Decentralized-Identity-as-a-Service (DIaaS) of choice. Mask Network’s major overarching goal is to be a bridge for all internet users to gain exposure and understanding of Web3 eventually, and this is a huge step in that direction.

Dtools will cooperate with Mask Network with the above sides.

Dtools have a page called plugin, which will show all plugins downloaded by the user.

In the “My Plugin” page, if the user has permission to use the plugin, click the plugin to enter the plugin directly.

Also, Dtools provide a personal Portfolio. The personal portfolio allows users to aggregate and manage assets in multiple wallets and supports switching different chains to view the total assets on the corresponding chain (currently supported blockchains include: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, and Arweave). These matches Mask Networks’ plan.

About Dtools

Dtools (Decentralized Tools) is the next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tools. It supports all major operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Including various functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology. We have built a bridge between Web2 and Web3.

We have released desktop products on Windows and MacOS, you can go to the Dtools official website to download the experience directly.

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