Mask Network Newsletter (May 2021)

🔧 Engineering Update

🌍 Mask for Extension

v 1.31.7

Improve the display of NFT information

Improve ITO card display details

Add owner specific display

Increase qualification judgment

Improve the display wallet, Trade, and Collectible

v 1.32.0

UI improvements of ITO plugin

Processing detail correction

v 1.32.3

Show old ITO claim button

Improve ITO display details

🌳 Ecosystem Building


Mask Network will Work With Nym in Plugin Development, for Better Privacy Protection

Mask Network engaged in in-depth talks with privacy infrastructure platforms Nym about the next mixnet testnet. The two organizations will open dialogues and hold extended discussions pertaining to privacy protection and the real-world application of encrypted decentralization concepts. We also plan to cooperate in node development, allowing people to use Mask Network nodes on the Nym testnet.

🙋 Community Choice ITO

Mask Network supported 4 Community Choice ITO projects that passed community voting in May, among which 3 have launched ITO successfully:

(sorted by the order of ITO launching time)

Lever Network

  • AMM-based Decentralized Margin Trading Platform
  • More info

O3 Swap

DAO Square

Evanesco Network — ITO yet to launch

  • Polkadot Private Protocol Platform
  • The first project applied to our updated community choice ITO

Fill this form to apply to a Community Choice ITO




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The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

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