Mask Network × Filecoin | Feel Web 3.0 in Decentralized Data Storage

Mask Network
3 min readAug 17, 2021

Mask Network will work with open-source storage service provider Filecoin, in the promotion of Web 3.0 concepts.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network, designed to store humanity’s most important information. To store files, all you need is code and a crypto-wallet. This provides developers everywhere access to an entirely new data storage paradigm, even letting your programs store data autonomously.

Mask Network has always wanted to be the bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Through the Mask browser extension, Mask wants users to use amazing Dapps on traditional social media in a fast and easy way. Data and information are continuously generated in the digital world, but the meaning they bring will only be more far-reaching and perpetual only if they are retained. Therefore a decentralized data storage solution is the key to the building of a decentralized ecosystem. Mask Network pays close attention to the development of decentralized storage and partners with many outstanding decentralized storage projects. We believe storing files in a decentralized way is vital in showing the spirit of Web 3.0.

Both Filecoin and Mask Network are firmly committed to bringing the idea of Web 3.0 to a broader group of users. Both parties share a high level of consensus on data privacy, data ownership, and permissionless community participation and governance. Through the bridge (Mask extension), users who know little about Web 3.0 could use applications built based on decentralization and open-source concepts on the platform they are familiar with, just within a few clicks. This greatly lowers the threshold of discovering the Web 3.0 world. By using these Dapps, users can enjoy features not available on the social media platforms such as file storage, information encryption, without changing social media platforms.

Through this collaboration, Mask Network will integrate the data storage paradigm by Filecoin, providing more choices for users. Both parties will also issue several bounties about decentralized storage jointly, thus welcoming and encouraging more developers to build in the Mask ecosystem.

About Filecoin

Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized network, allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. Filecoin is completely open-source, enabling people from all over the world to participate. The Filecoin protocol runs on an advanced and novel proof system — a combination of Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) and Proof of Replication (PoRep), to provide unmatched efficiency and reliability. Filecoin’s advanced technology provides a robust foundation to store the world’s most valuable data sets. An alternative to costly cloud storage, the Filecoin network offers efficiently priced and geographically decentralized storage, minimizing financial barriers and allowing users to take advantage of its unmatched network capabilities.

About Mask Network

Mask Network is the core product of Dimension, which is positioned to become the bridge that connects internet users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The foundational technology of Mask Network is a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging application, with new functions continuously being created around this foundation. We at Mask Network are strong believers in the ownership economy. People should own what they produce, people should own their data, their attention, and the virtual space they choose to contribute to.

Mask Network integrates decentralized social messaging, borderless payment network, decentralized file storage and sharing, decentralized finance, DAO, and NFT to provide a safe and convenient portal for users to jump right into the continent of decentralized finance and then the new world of Web 3.0.