Mask Empowers Community with $ARB Token Distribution and Support for Ecosystem Growth

Mask Network
3 min readMay 5, 2023

Mask Network is a decentralized social network built on the multi-chain. Recently, Mask Network has received 257,540 $ARB tokens from Arbitrum, a leading Layer-2 scaling solution, and has decided to distribute these tokens among the Mask community and the Mask DAO treasury.

The distribution plan aims to incentivize active community members and encourage their participation in the Mask Network ecosystem. The plan consists of two parts, with 10% of the tokens being airdropped to eligible Mask community members and the remaining 90% being deposited directly into the Treasury & Community Fund of Mask Network, Next.ID and Firefly.

Mask Network eligible community members (10%)

The first part of the distribution plan involves airdropping 10% of the tokens to eligible community members based on the following criteria:

Criteria Weight Total Token Amount POAPs & NFTs issued by Mask Network 25% 6,438.5 Owning MaskOn NFT collections 35% 9,013.9 Interacting ≥ 7 times with the Mask Network smart contracts 20% 5,150.8 Participating in governance through Snapshot 20% 5,150.8 25,754 $ARB

Note: You can claim the $ARB via the Mask Extension’s ‘claim’ function from 12th May to 12th August. Learn How to Claim

Next.ID Community Fund (30%)

Next.ID, as a DID open-source protocol, has been practicing community spirit based on open governance from day one. We’re still in the very early stage due to several months of progress, but we track contributors’ efforts via the Next Planet system.

Alongside with ~5000 USDC, which Next.ID had been granted lately in competition, today Next.ID Community Fund is officially established. Please follow @NextDotID on Twitter to stay in tune with our future airdrop to historical contributors and newcomers to the community.

Firefly Community Fund (30%)

Firefly is excited to announce the launch of its Community Fund — a dynamic initiative aimed at sparking the Firefly ecosystem and igniting a thriving community of users and contributors to the Firefly App.

The Community Fund is fueled by a significant initial contribution from Mask Network in the form of $ARB and $MASK tokens, powering Firefly’s journey toward growth and innovation. To discover the details of the Community Fund and stay updated, follow @thefireflyapp on Twitter.

Mask DAO Treasury (30%)

The remaining 30% of the tokens will be directly deposited into the Mask DAO treasury. These tokens will be utilized for further dApp development, bounties, and campaigns, which will benefit the Mask Network ecosystem in the long run. The Mask DAO treasury will play a crucial role in driving the ecosystem’s growth and development, and the tokens deposited therein will be used to fund important initiatives that support the community.

Additionally, the Mask Network team encourages community members to create proposals on Discord regarding how the Mask DAO treasury funds should be utilized. By doing so, community members can have a direct impact on the future development of the ecosystem and help shape its direction. The team believes that this approach will lead to a more engaged and collaborative community, where everyone has a voice and can contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and success.