🐲 Long Crypto, Long Mask | 2024 #YearOfTheLoong

Mask Network
3 min readFeb 6, 2024


The arrival of the Loong Year is official! Mask Network will initiate a Lucky Drop event with some excellent projects to spread joy and luck. Mask Network, Biteye, BugRap, Firefly App, Mint Blockchain, MultiPlayer, Next.ID, NFTScan and World Store have together prepared a prize pool of 💰 2,700 USDT 💰. Users can visit each participating partner’s X (Twitter) page to claim an NFT lucky drop. Those who have successfully claimed an NFT will have a chance to win the prize.

🧧Lucky Drop, one of the first DApps developed by Mask Network, was launched at almost the same time four years ago — 🧨Chinese New Year of 2020. This feature has now supported multi-chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain through our unceasing optimization and adjustment. The feature enables a fast, efficient way to send and receive cryptocurrencies on X (Twitter), bringing DeFi to the mainstream social network for the first time. Up to now, all kinds of precious NFTs can be distributed in just one click on X (Twitter).

2024: Year of the Loong Collection

Total Amount: 324

  • Long the Cheer, Short the Fear: 194
  • Long the Grind, Short Behind: 80
  • Long Dreams, Long Gains: 50

Lucky Drops will start from ⏰ Feb. 7th at noon12:00 (GMT+8). Please make sure you:

  • Installed and set up the Mask Network browser extension
  • Turn on the notification bell 🔔 to claim the NFT!
  • We’ll take a snapshot at 23:59 on Feb. 9th, 2024 (GMT+8)

Here are a few things you need to know before you start participating:

  • Please install the Mask extension at mask.io (see this tutorial) and ensure you have enough $MATIC in your wallet for the gas fee.
  • To ensure you have the best experience, please use the Mask Network browser extension (not the mobile app) and make sure it is updated to the latest version.

Finally, we wish everyone a happy New Year, and let’s experience and enjoy the fun of the Web3 world together.

Projects that will participate include (in alphabetical order):

Biteye (@BiteyeCN)

  • Gateway to Web3 Investing.

BugRap (@BugRap_Team)

  • The Web3 bug bounty platform. Discover, Fix Vulnerabilities, and Safeguard your project’s security with our community of whitehats and security partners.

Firefly App (@thefireflyapp)

  • A social aggregator app for Web3 natives.

Mask Network(@realMaskNetwork)

  • The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

Mint (@Mint_Blockchain)

  • The L2 blockchain for NFTs.

MultiPlayer DAO (@RealMultiPlayer)

  • MultiPlayer, a DAO consists of artists, geeks, thinkers, musicians, and all creators on their grind vibing on aesthetic consensus.

Next.ID (@NextDotID)

  • Tap into the largest identity graph across Web2 and Web3 powered by DID.

NFTScan (@nftscan_com)

  • The world’s largest NFT infrastructure, supporting 20+ chains.

World Store (@joinmirrorworld)

  • World Store is the fastest and easiest way to buy any token or NFT on any chain.