Get NFT Drops and Celebrate #YearOfTheRabbit With Mask Network

Mask Network
3 min readJan 20, 2023

🐰🐰To celebrate the coming of the 2023 Chinese New year (the Year of the Rabbit), Mask Network would like to invite you to join our New Year NFT giveaway campaign with a series of special illustrations of rabbit and new year blessings. And that’s not everything! Users can also collect all 4 kinds of NFTs and split the 💰2,700 USDT💰 prize pool.

🧧Lucky Drop feature, which is one of the first DApps developed by Mask Network, was launched at almost the same time three years ago — 🧨Chinese New Year of 2020. Through our unceasing optimization and adjustment, this feature has now supported multi chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. The feature itself enables a fast, efficient way to send and receive cryptocurrencies on Twitter, which brings DeFi to the mainstream social network for the first time. Up to the present, all kinds of precious NFTs can be distributed in just one click on Twitter.

2023: Year of the Rabbit NFT collection
  • Total Amount: 500
  • Fortune turns「150」, Have a bright future「150」, Make great strides「50」, Realize your ambition「150」
  • Contract:0x2C4A6Bf94C7BC8674fd17A1a5cea051D56D978C4

Lucky Drops will start from ⏰ Jan. 21st 12:00(GMT+8). Please make sure you:

  • Installed and set up the Mask Network browser extension
  • Turned on your notification🔔 to claim the NFTs!
  • Collecting all 4 kinds of NFTs can split the USDT prize pool, We’ll take a snapshot on Jan. 25th, 2023 at 0:01(GMT+8)

There are a few things you need to know before you start participating:

  • Please install the Mask extension at (see this tutorial) and make sure you have enough $MATIC in your wallet for the gas fee.
  • To make sure you have the best experience, please use the Mask Network browser extension (not the mobile app) and make sure it is updated to the latest version.
  • Every wallet only will be counted ONLY ONCE when splitting the prize pool, which means you will not get double prizes by doubling the amount of them.

We hope you and your dear ones will enjoy the most of the Web3 world in this family union feast :)

Projects that will participate include (in alphabetical order):

    DEAL for Deals, NFT for NFT
  • EthSign(@ethsign):
    The interface between Web2 and Web3 by connecting legal agreement and smart contract
  • Firefly App(@thefireflyapp):
    This is Firefly. We are a web3, cross-DID social app built with @realMasknetwork and @nextdotid
  • KNN3 Network(@Knn3Network):
    KNN3 Network is one-stop web3 user-centric DataFi solution for dapps and smart contracts
  • Mask Network(@realMaskNetwork):
    The Portal to the New, Open Internet.
  • MathWallet(@MathWallet):
    Multichain Crypto Wallet for 3 million users, 100+ blockchains
  • NextID(@NextDotID):
    The world’s first ever decentralized Identity as a Service (DIaaS)
  • NFTScan(@nftscan_com):
    The world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, providing NFT data services for 200+ Web3 and Fintech companies.
  • SPACE ID(@SpaceIDProtocol):
    SPACE ID (SID): Your universal identifier