Get Lucky Drops and Celebrate #TheBestTigerYear With Mask Network

🐯 The arrival of the Tiger Year is official! To spread joy and luck, Mask Network has initiated this amazing event of Lucky Drop with a few excellent projects and influencers.

Lucky Drop feature, which is one of those first DApps developed by Mask Network, was launched at almost the same time two years ago — Lunar New Year of 2020. Through our unceasing optimization and adjustment, this feature has now supported multi chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. The feature itself enables a fast, efficient way to send and receive cryptocurrencies on Twitter, which brings DeFi upon the mainstream social network for the first time. Up to the present, all kinds of precious NFT can also be distributed in just one click on Twitter.

Lucky Drop will start from Jan. 31st, and last for 2 days (until Feb. 1st), and there are 19 projects and influencers. The specific time of the giveaway should consult the official accounts as mentioned below.

Please install the Mask extension at (see this tutorial) and make sure you have enough $ETH, $MATIC, $BNB in your wallet for the gas fee.

*To make sure you have the best experience, please use Mask Network on browser extension and make sure it is updated to v2.3.3

We hope you and your dear ones will enjoy the most of the Web 3.0 world in this family-union feast :)

Projects and crypto influencers that will participate include (in alphabetical order):

  • Atem Network (@atem_network): Multichain Cryptoasset Group Space and Community Social Trade Exchange, the future social infrastructure of web3.
  • Dego (@dego_finance): Decentralized Finance with Sustainability.
  • Math Wallet (@MathWallet): Multichain Crypto Wallet for 2.5 million users, 100+ blockchains.
  • Matrix World (@theMatrixWorld): Matrix World is designed to be a 3D programmable multichain metaverse.
  • Meson (@NetworkMeson): Bandwidth marketplace, is the bottom-up paradigm in building the network infrastructure for Web3.
  • Mirror World (@joinmirrorworld): Mirror World will be an AI-powered virtual carnival that yields crypto returns of the people, by the people, for the people.
  • NFTSCAN.COM (@nftscan_com): The professional NFT explorer and data analysis platform.
  • OpenOcean (@OpenOceanGlobal): OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi and CeFi full aggregator.
  • ShowMe (@ShowMeNFT): ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3.
  • Treasureland (@TreasurelandNFT): Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections and tailored in-shop services.
  • RSS3 (@rss3_): The feed of Web3.
  • 土澳大狮兄BroLeon (@BroLeonAus): Providing the most in-depth and usable insights for the BSC DeFi Ecosystem. Co-founder of 98KDAO.
  • ChainDoctor (@realChainDoctor): influencer in the Chinese-speaking crypto community.
  • cryptobaby.eth (@crypto___baby): influencer in Japanese-speaking crypto community.
  • Deckla | Buji DAO (@Alexzmh): influencer in Chinese-speaking crypto community.
  • Mel 三水水水 (@happymelma): Director of marketing at Mask Network.
  • 0xSoros (@realsatoshinet): RealSatoshi OG Crypto Investor Harmonica Learner Literature Enthusiast.
  • Yishuihan (@Yishuihan): XRabbitsClub NFT Founder & Creator.
  • 98KDAO (@98Kdao): Gathering the OG elites to export the most valuable information, and to become the bridge of communities with different languages.




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