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  • Suji Yan

    Suji Yan

    CEO & Founder of Dimension & Sujitech; I am an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Journalist.

  • Yahsin Huang

    Yahsin Huang

    Yahsin is the operations manager at HashCloak. Website: https://yahsin.me/

  • Dr. Sebastian Bürgel

    Dr. Sebastian Bürgel

    Founder HOPR

  • brantly.eth


    Dir. of Operations at Ethereum Name Service (ens.domains)

  • Tiffany SU

    Tiffany SU

    “Try to change the world by spreading and amplifying the knowledge of innovators.” Love: Dancing, exploring lands & new ideas. Hate: Alcohol and fizzy drinks.

  • Jack Lu

    Jack Lu


  • Meltem Demirors

    Meltem Demirors

    making benevolent mischief. investing @coinshares.

  • Trebor Scholz

    Trebor Scholz

    New School professor, NYC.

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