Clubhouse Recap | DIVE into NFT Adoption (Part 2: Future Plans)

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6 min readJul 13, 2021


At a recent Clubhouse event, NFT platform AlchemyNFT, NFT marketplace DoinGud, Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), and decentralized Web 3 portal Mask Network shared their thoughts and outlooks on the adoption and utility of non-fungible tokens aka NFTs, discussing the composability and utility of NFTs, sharing their views on the future of preserving crypto art, and the role of their respective projects in supporting the cause.

The representatives explored their stances on decentralized platforms coming together to support crypto art and how each of them utilizes NFTs or employs respective products or applications that can provide sustenance to digital content creators who are using different social platforms in the crypto world.

Speakers from the four platforms shared the plan for their platforms and envisioned the future of NFTs. See below for the details of the discussion:

The Platforms’ Plan To Support The Digital Creators

The NFT market is getting more renowned in terms of creative prospects by shifting its weight towards content creators and curators by allowing them to buy, collaborate, and curate digital art. Victor commented on AlchemyNFT’s stance on creator support by saying:

“AlchemyNFT is bringing the concept of artistic remix to the world of non-fungible tokens for the first time by offering content creators the ability to recreate, remix, combine, mutate, and transform their NFTs.”

AlchemyNFT has been focused on filling the gaps left by the absent components in the use of NFT.

We want to strip away the speculation and focus on the arts by allowing content creators to express themselves creatively. We want to help create a place where creators are free to explore.”

Victor Zhang, Founder of AlchemyNFT and Alphawallet

Colborn shared his fundamental views on creator support by explaining MOCA’s initiative and how it plans to uplift and empower artists and curators:

“MOCA will offer a multitude of experiences around artwork and artists. This will create deeper layers of social, physical, and digital connections and realities. Our curation systems and interactive social layers will aim to connect artists and collectors to create long-term symbiotic relationships. These new dynamics will transform the way digital art collections are grown and shared.”

Colborn, founder of MOCA

Mask Network’s narrative on the subject remains straightforward, supported by its features that lead the way to easy NFT protocols to support creators and help them achieve rightful ownership of their work and easy interactions with their supporters. Suji expressed his views on the matter by saying:

“Content creators on Twitter will be able to trade tweets using the Mask Network extension, and see value in the tweets they create […] Content creators can display their own gallery to the community, or license their work to another gallery and distribute within the community. All activities are user-generated and all text, pictures, videos, interactions would solely belong to the user and collaborators.

Mask Network’s collaboration with Cent helps the Web 3 portal in achieving its goals for a user-friendly NFT marketplace.

Suji Yan, Founder of Mask Network

DoinGud shares a similar standpoint in terms of NFT with the other platforms, that is improving the adoption and utility of NFT and helping the rest of the world see its potential in building a better token economy. Manu echoed his outlook on the subject by saying:

“We are building an NFT ecosystem where invited creators can onboard colleagues or brands, where communities can open meta-galleries to house their artists, and where anyone can submit their artwork to a pool to be represented by a community gallery.”

DoinGud’s main product is a marketplace that allows creators belonging to extensive fields of art to connect and interact with their supporters.

The Future of NFT And Crypto Art And How Does Each Platform Play Their Part?

For a better outlook of the future of NFTs, Mask Network’s continuous efforts remain evident.

“In the near future, Mask Network will carry on developing new features for NFTs, making it easier to create, collect, and trade NFTs on centralized platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.”

“Now that concepts such as NFTs and Web 3 are becoming better known, Mask Network hopes to accelerate adoption and welcome more users to the benefits.” Mask Network believes NFT’s potential to be more than just digital art. “Mask Network strives to become the platform for creators to showcase their work, to bring context to NFTs in many forms, and to let users reclaim the ownership of their digital identities.”

AlchemyNFT has been constantly researching and developing NFT products for 3.5 years. Victor shared the future of NFT and digital art by saying:

All kinds of arts have been tokenized. Token represents who you are, what you have, what you have done. All your verifiable information becomes tokens, which are held by users themselves, and apply to the services they want.”

AlchemyNFT integration of TokenScript to empower its users with easily tradable tokens guarantees a better user experience.

Manu shared DoinGud’s future motives in terms of NFTs and supporting the cause of digital art by saying:

“DoinGud plans to incorporate AI to facilitate smart NFTs protocols to unlock a wide range of added creative potential and future utility for both creators and curators. DoinGud plans to become a community-governed and curated NFT marketplace.”

DoinGud recognizes the appeal of the next-gen digital art platform and plans to further collaborate with other platforms to develop the futuristic potential of crypto art and NFTs.

Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru (Manu), DoinGud Founder

Colborn remained quite fortified on MOCA’s part to develop and promote digital art. He shared his vision by saying:

“it is quite expensive to create a physical museum, however so much cheaper to create one in the virtual world. Digital art transcends physical realities but shows the depth of the mind in the digital world.”

He shared his reason to create MOCA as

…I wanted people to be able to escape into a world of imagination and wonder in virtual reality. And the museum kind of sat as that first mental model where people could go from the comfort of their homes.”

MOCA’s tokens will eventually be used to achieve permanent, decentralized criticism and curation in creating a Permanent Collection. This Permanent Collection is MOCA’s way to showcase the best arts that the digital society has to offer, independent of monetary value or speculative purposes. The Permanent Collection will be on display around virtual spaces such as Decentraland and serves as a valuable public good that records the best digital arts humanity has to offer.

About Mask Network

Mask Network is the core product of Dimension, which is positioned to become the bridge that connects internet users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The foundational technology of Mask Network is a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging application, with new functions continuously being created around this foundation.

We at Mask Network are strong believers in the ownership economy. People should own what they produce, people should own their data, their attention, and the virtual space they choose to contribute to.

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About MOCA

MOCA is the premier space for discourse around digital art, crypto culture, frontier technology, and the NFT revolution. The Museum has developed the infrastructure to align interests and safeguard the communal story of crypto art. Introducing $MOCA incentivizes collaboration and allows people to add to and responsibly care for a community collection.

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DoinGud is a next-gen creator ecosystem exploring the future of digital media & collectibles. It strives to be community-owned and curated, working on empowering creators, curators, brands & organizations to engage with their audience, tap into sustainable compensation streams, generate value for their audiences and create meaningful impact.

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About AlchemyNFT

AlchemyNFT is an advanced platform for NFT owners, creators, and celebrities to co-create and monetize ‘synth NFTs’ and it contains a game-changing technology (TokenScript) that turns NFTs into usable Apps and Open APIs. Besides the smart contracts, the other part of AlchelmyNFT is TokenScript which adds utility and rights to NFTs and enables NFTs to be used everywhere.

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