The community voting for O3 Swap ITO was officially concluded. The voting started at 10:00am, May 8th (UTC) and ended at 22:00pm May 10th (UTC), which lasted for 36 hours. A total of 886 addresses have voted, with the total votes of 403.62k (“Yes”- 403.26k, “No”- 360.89), breaking the record of Community Choice Voting history. According to our voting mechanism of ITO community choice, O3 Swap has passed the voting and will go into ITO launch.

Details of O3 Swap ITO:

Ticker: $O3

Price: $1

Quote Tokens: $USDC, $USDT

Unlock Time: 14:15 pm May 14th, UTC

Round 1

Offering Value…

PlatON has successfully launched the mainnet in front of community contributors and users on April 30th. With the mission to build a decentralized collaborative AI network and a global brain, promoting the democratization of AI, and establishing a secure universal AI system, the team has embarked on a new journey with its partners.

PlatON and Mask Network has reached comprehensive cooperation and has been working closely in the fields of brand marketing, ecosystem development, and technology application, bringing lots of practical and novel products and services to users, and promoted the sustainable development of blockchain privacy computing industry. …

Lever Network 的社区选择投票已正式结束,投票发起时间为北京时间 5 月 1 日 18:00,结束时间为北京时间 5 月 3 日 6:00,持续 36 小时。Lever Network 共计有 592 个地址参与投票,获得票数 310.87k 票,其中支持票数 299.31k,反对票数 11.56k。根据规则,Lever Network 已通过社区投票,将成为第二个通过 ITO 社区发行的项目。以下我们将公布 Lever Network 的 ITO 详细情况:

The community voting of Lever Network was officially concluded at 22:00 on May 3rd, UTC (started at 10:00 on May 1st, UTC). 592 addresses has voted for the Lever Network with the total votes of 310.87k. (“Yes”-299.31k, “No”- 11.56k). According to our voting mechanism of ITO community choice, Lever Network has passed the community voting. The followings are details of Lever Network ITO:

🔧 Engineering Update

🌍 Mask for Extension

v 1.30.0

  • Add vCent plugin
  • Add plugins page
  • Add custody menu for NFT tokens
  • Zerion WebSocket API integration
  • Force backup mnemonic words

v 1.30.5

  • Add switch account button under the native sider menu of Twitter
  • Update permission grant UI
  • Guide the user to create a new wallet

v 1.31.0

  • Revamp ITO plugin
  • Add “Collectible” plugin
  • Add “Snapshot” plugin

🌳 Ecosystem Building


🌍 Youth Leader Fund of CBCGDF x Mask Network | auction copper prints of endangered species on Earth Day

At the beginning of 2021, Mask Network launched a brand new feature — ITO (Initial Twitter Offering). Many outstanding projects, including Loopring $LRC, Mirror Protocol $mTSLA, and our own $MASK, have launched ITO since we first released this feature.

We are thrilled to see that more and more users are interested in ITO. However, we noticed that many questions have been raised in our community during the past ITO events. Thus, in this article, we’ll give a more thorough introduction of ITO and explain our plan for future ITOs.

What is ITO?

Introduced by Mask Network, ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) is a decentralized…

It is beyond time to reconsider our growth paradigm and rebuild the bond between humans and nature.

Just in 2020, over a hundred plant and animal species have been deemed extinct to various degrees and scales. The current global species extinction rate is out of reach, and it is also accelerating, according to scientists from the intergovernmental biodiversity forum. Nearly a quarter of all plants on the globe are in danger of extinction in the coming decades. Meanwhile, in areas where natural environments and wildlife are protected, disadvantaged populations bear the entire burden of maintenance, despite the fact that the…

We are thrilled to announce that Mask Network has received the strategic investment from Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. This strategic investment is part of Binance’s $100 million accelerator fund for developers to build blockchain projects on Binance Smart Chain and Mask Network will work closely to build the Multi-Chain Universe.

Since its first launching in 2018, Mask Network has been creating a decentralized applet (DApplet) ecosystem and positioned itself to be the bridge that connects internet users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. …

🔧 Engineering Update

🌍 Mask for Extension

v 1.29.10

  • Display transaction history in the Mask Wallet.

v 1.29.11

  • Integrate Uniswap Info as a token data source;
  • Add collectibles tab in the wallet to display NFTs.

v 1.29.12

  • Update the default image for non-displayable NFTs;
  • Improve the ITO plugin.

v 1.29.13

  • Redesign the wallet tabs.

📱Mask for iOS

v 1.29.12

  • Integrate Trust Wallet Cire;
  • Connect Zerion API;
  • Update Mask JS code;
  • Fix compatibility issues.

🤖️ Mask for Android

v 1.29.10

  • Fix the issue that the new account setup guide dialog could not be dismissed;
  • Fix the issue of exporting the database backup file.

🌳 Ecosystem Building


🧩 DEGO x Mask Network | Build the NFT entrance in Web 3.0

Mask Network has reached a strategic partnership with cross-chain NFT and…

Mask Network is collaborating with Cent through a joint bounty to add NFTs directly to Twitter: bid and trade on tweets directly within Twitter to support those who tweet!

Bounty link:

With support from Valuables, the tweet minting platform made by Cent, Mask Network aims to enable users to trade tweets as NFTs directly on Twitter, and in the near future, allows an instant look into the tweet’s bidding history. …

Mask Network

The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

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