In short, we want to bridge the New, Open Internet right on top of the current one.

Mask Network is a portal that allows users to seamlessly send encrypted messages, cryptocurrencies, and even DApps (Defi, NFTs, DAO) over the top of social networks without migrating, and thereby creating a decentralized Applet(DApplet) ecosystem. In short, we want to bridge the New, Open Internet right on top of the current one.

Instead of creating a new platform, Mask Network aims to bridge Web2 (the current web) and so-called Web3, to empower the general public to use the better web within the current mainstream platforms, without using any API or centralized server.

People live on the Internet. The current version…

The Mask extension is about to go through some major updates. The Mask 2.0 is finally here!

We have talked about Mask 2.0 at many Townhall meetings, and all the amazing features will be with us shortly. We hereby sincerely invite our users to get a sneak peek of Mask 2.0 by joining our beta test. The Mask 2.0 bug bounty program has started accordingly. Win rewards from trying out new features, getting familiar with the features, spotting bugs, or giving improvement suggestions!

Who can participate?

  • The Mask 2.0 beta test has 100 spots. …

Mask Network announces it is receiving strategic support from Protocol Labs to help build a foundation for their future developments and innovations. The Mask Network seeks to be the bridge between the existing web2 and the new, open web3 by introducing web3 applications upon the mainstream social network, which is why integration with distributed and open-source technologies in Protocol Labs’ focus areas, such as Filecoin, is a major milestone for the Web 3.0 ecosystem. This partnership also involves $MASK in our DAO treasury and $FIL. Please read this post in our governance forum for more information.

Mask recently announced a…

🔧 Engineering Update

v 1.36.3

Add collection list title
Improve search token input
UI integration ENS domain
Improve the loading method of Twitter tweets
Improve the NFT end time processing method
Improve the specific display and processing details of the ITO
Added display of ITO qualification
Fixed some bugs


Add integrate Uniswap v3
Add an NFT tab in Twitter profile page


Add backend product link for risk confirm
Update against tokens
Post dialog plugin order
Use promise button when send confirm request
Improve text content
Add join us link on dashboard


Add dodo integration in Swap
Implement new native API

We are excited to announce that Mask Network builds a partnership with lending protocol WePiggy. The two parties will jointly explore the possibilities of technology integrations, and work together to build a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

Mask Network has been trying to create a decentralized applet (DApplet) ecosystem, and we position ourselves to be the bridge that connects internet users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. WePiggy focuses on building an open-source, non-custodial crypto-asset lending market protocol that helps users realize asset appreciation and maximize utilization across many blockchain networks. …

Following the widely recognized features such as ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) and token price info display & swap, Mask Network is once again welcoming new features in the NFT realm. After supporting the display and bidding of NFTs on platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible, the NFT Gallery feature is about to go live on the Mask extension, which provides a place to display NFT collection right on top of the curator’s social media profile, provides an alternative to NFTs after they have been “bid, sold, and owned”.

Mask Network has always been cultivating in the NFT realm. During the…

Mask Network is happy to announce that the $MASK — $USDC pair is on QuickSwap Liquidity Mining Pool, and our native token $MASK is listed on Dragon’s Syrup.

After the integration of Polygon (Matic) in June, our team has been working hard in bringing good projects on Polygon to Mask extension. Users can now use QuickSwap on the Mask extension, providing more choices to users when swapping assets on Polygon (Matic).

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Mask Network launched a Red Packet Relay event with 16 projects on BSC.

Mask Network launched the Red Packet feature in the Lunar New Year of 2020, it is also one of the first DApps developed by Mask Network. The Red Packet enables a fast, efficient way to send and receive cryptocurrencies on Twitter, which brings DeFi upon the mainstream social network for the first time. In June 2021, Mask Network entered the multi-chain era by the integration with BSC, main features such as ITO and Red Packets are all…

SushiSwap is a founding member of the SocialFi Alliance. SocialFi Alliance was initiated by Mask Network and aims to bring next-generation finance experience to the mass majority. We handpicked this batch of the social DeFi apps to cover both the core features like swap and swap aggregator and more consumer-level features like social trading, lottery, social savings, and sports/election betting. Other founding partners include Polygon, PoolTogether, dHEDGE, Augur, GoodGhosting, QuickSwap, DODO, Gitcoin, Transak, Project Galaxy, Impossible Finance, RealSatoshi, Bankless DAO and Global Coin Research。

SushiSwap x Mask Network

SushiSwap is the home of DeFi. The SushiSwap community is building a comprehensive, decentralized trading platform…

To ensure the security of user assets, Mask Network invited SlowMist to conduct an audit of Mask Network’s ITO contract from June 7 to June 15, 2021. We are delighted to announce that the Mask Network Initial Twitter Offering contract has successfully passed the SlowMist security audit, that the contract was free of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

SlowMist adopted a white box test, conducting vulnerability analysis and vulnerability mining based on the source code of the ITO contract and security tests on the code modules through scripting tools, and conducting security tests from an external attacker’s perspective, combined manual and…

Mask Network

The Portal to the New, Open Internet.

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